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  • How do you make your peanut butter?

    Our Whole Earth peanut butter is made very simply – there is very little processing involved. Our high-quality peanuts are carefully shelled,
    taking care to leave behind the peanut skins which lock in the natural nut goodness. The peanuts are then gently roasted and crushed together
    to form a paste. We sprinkle in a little sea salt and the peanut butter is slowly poured into a glass jar and lovingly sealed with a lid. We also add sustainable palm oil to some of our products to ensure they don’t become too dry or oily – perfect!

  • Where are your peanuts sourced from?

    The peanuts in our Whole Earth Peanut Butter are sourced from the Far East and South America.

  • Are your peanut butters gluten free?

    Yes, all our Whole Earth peanut butters and 3 Nut Butter are gluten free – nor do they contain any other products with gluten.


Palm oil

  • Do you use sustainable palm oil?

    Yes, we use sustainable palm oil in a number of our products to make them super-spreadable and help prevent the oils from separating. For more information on our position on palm oil, visit here.

  • Which of your products contain sustainable palm oil?

    Currently all our nut butters apart from our 100% Peanut Butters have sustainable palm oil, to help keep them spreadable and help prevent the oils separating. Our Organic Cocoa Crunch also contains sustainable palm oil. For more details, please visit our palm oil page.


  • Are your jars recyclable?

    Yes, our glass jars are 100% recyclable. Our metal lids are recyclable in many regions – please check with your local authority to see whether they are able to recycle steel-based metal lids in your area. We are working to get rid of the plastic tamper seal around the neck of the jar – and are delighted to say it will be gone by 2020!

  • Does any of your packaging contain BPA (Bisphenol A)?

    The lids on our peanut butters and the drinks cans are BPA NI, which means BPA is not intentionally added. Our baked bean cans currently do contain BPA to prevent the erosion of the metal and subsequent contamination of the products but we are working to change this.  If you have any questions, please do get in touch.


  • Should I keep my peanut butter in the fridge?

    Our lovely peanut butter should be stored in a cool dry place, even once opened – but not in the fridge because it will go hard and make it tricky to spread. It can be used until the best before date on the base of the jar.

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Samples and donations

  • Do you donate to charity or provide samples?

    We get lots of requests for help with fundraising, sponsorship and samples. Sadly, because of the quantity of requests, we’re not able to help everyone. However, we do proudly support our local community and from June 2016, Kallo Foods Ltd will be supporting environmental charity The International Tree Foundation, promoting and funding sustainable community-led forestry and education projects in both Africa and the UK. Keep an eye on our website, Facebook and Instagram for new promotions and competitions.

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