We believe that if you put the right ingredients together, extraordinary things can happen... and these three lovely ladies have proved it. This year, our wonderful team of friends tackled one of the nuttiest endurance races known to man (and beast)... the legendary Whole Earth Man V Horse 2016, fuelled by the pure positive energy of our peanut butters.


Say hello to this year’s Whole Earth Man V Horse team... three fast friends who took on the horse!

Lauren Golledge

I never really thought endurance running was my thing. I just didn’t think I had the right body type, but when Sarah completed the Great South Run, I was inspired! I started running along the seafront in Portsmouth with Sarah and Helen keeping me entertained and motivated. . .I loved it! I’m hoping that as we work for our personal bests, we might inspire others to see that if we can do it – so can they! I love anything savoury, so I’ll be adding peanut butter to my favourite sweet potato soups for added nutritional value and of course – delicious flavor!

Lauren Golledge

Sarah Booth

A couple of years ago, if someone had told me I’d be running the Man V Horse race, I wouldn’t have believed it! After an unsuccessful and shin-splinty attempt at couch to 5K in 2011, I tried again in 2014 and something clicked. Since then I’ve loved taking on new fitness challenges, although I’d never have felt brave enough to attempt a race like Man V Horse by myself. But with my fellow running friends beside me and my favourite Whole Earth peanut butter with seeds in my post-run smoothie every morning…I think that horse better watch out!

Sarah Booth

Helen Sutherland

I can't resist a new challenge and the Whole Earth Man V Horse race is definitely that! I have always kept fit, with an active job as a radiographer, some pre-holiday training and occasional runs, but since I became a mum last September, I've been looking for an exciting goal to keep me focused on getting and staying fitter. Being able to team up with two really good friends couldn't be more perfect! I love baking so my Peanut butter chocolate brownies will be a delicious way to fuel our training!

Helen Sutherland


We believe that when you put the best in, you get the best out... which is why we were so excited about the professionals who supported our Whole Earth team this year.

LIZ & Martin Yelling TEAM COACHES

World-class endurance coach Martin Yelling and his double Olympian wife, Liz trained our team to take on the horse.

Combinations don’t come much more winning than this. Liz, a Double Olympian Commonwealth medalist and World Class marathon runner, alongside her husband Martin, top endurance coach and founder of the UK’s number 1 running podcast, will be taking our trio to new levels of fitness.

Martin and Liz know all about unlocking potential, having trained everyone from novices to pros and even celebrities like Eddie Izzard. They know how to bring out the natural best in everyone with tailored fitness programmes and dedicated advice supporting the girls on their training journey, every step of the way.

Charlotte Stirling-Reed TEAM NUTRITIONIST

Leading nutritionist, Charlotte Stirling-Reed, helped the team fuel their ambition.

Charlotte, a food guru and regular expert contributor to The Guardian, Women’s Health and Channel 4’s ‘Food Unwrapped’ series, will be helping fuel the team’s training programme.

With her wealth of experience, she’ll be designing bespoke healthy eating plans to suit each of them, including their favourite Whole Earth peanut butter recipes, powering the girls onto their personal bests.


Join the girls on their journey to extraordinary...

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