Jamie's Journey

Jamie’s Journey

Team GB nut Jamie cycled the whole way around the UK to drum up support for our athletes.

Due to the pandemic, Jamie had to re-route his planned journey to the Games in Tokyo, instead finishing in his trip in Stokeyo (aka Stoke-on-Trent) in late July.

How did it go?

Very well indeed! Jamie covered 10,000km in 80 days, that’s almost the same distance to Tokyo in a straightline. On this journey, he visited towns and cities linked to his original route to Japan, completing gruelling challenges and trying local peanut butter delicacies too!

Some of the highlights

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Naturally Fuelled by Whole Earth

Naturally Fuelled by Whole Earth

Jamie harnessed the benefits of plant-based peanut butter to keep him going the whole way.

He burned through the equivalent energy of 200 jars of peanut butter in 80 days!

As he rallied the nation to cheer for Team GB, Jamie also demonstrated the wonders of exercise and power of nutrition.

A winning team

A winning team

Whole Earth and Jamie teamed up with double Olympic champion, Helen Glover MBE, to boost support at home for this year’s Olympic hopefuls.

What an honour and a joy it was to get behind Team GB the whole way!

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