Robert Chenery

  • AGE: 28

I’m a paediatric staff nurse and a great ambassador for health and fitness by promoting what I teach. I run to work, do a 12 hour shift then run home. I’m dedicated and determined and I love peanut butter… a constant in my lunchbox.


Each week each member of Team Whole Earth updated us on their training journey
leading up to the big event, Man V Horse!

I’ve been tapering down heavily this week for the Bungay festival of running so I have run around 3-6 miles every day. I’m feeling strong and healthy but I have struggled with tapering…I feel like a caged animal! It’s been a lovely week of running though – I had a beautiful run along the beach in the sunshine which was utter bliss. I also did a 10 mile time trial on the bike on Sunday which was great for opening up the lungs and feeling the burn!


I’ve tried a few different recipes this week including a vegetable stir fry. I added Whole Earth peanut butter to it and it was amazing! My week ended with running the Bungay marathon. There were about 250 people running in the marathon and it was a brilliant day. I settled into the top 5 after the first few miles and then worked my way through to take the lead at 9miles. I was running hard through the middle section of the race to keep increasing my lead and eventually won the race by over 5 minutes – I crossed the finish line in 2:50:22 – a pb by over 6 minutes! It’s my home marathon so it meant a lot to get my name engraved on the trophy with several of the region’s best athletes from the last 40 years.Next week I’ll be concentrating on recovery and rebuilding, ready for the next race!

This week I have been recovering from my marathon effort but my legs are feeling strong so I still notched up a 60mile week, which was made up of mainly 8-10mile runs and I have been enjoying the sunshine! It’s been a mixture of road and trail and my favourite running has been along the beach and cliff top paths. I have eaten a lot of peanut butter and banana muffins this week (expertly baked by my mum) which have fuelled my training and a picnic at the zoo! And my choice of breakfast this week has been Whole Earth three nut butter on bagels. My next race is a 10km on May bank holiday Monday so I’ll be increasing my speed work next week to get my legs firing ready for then.

I’ve been on trails and roads this week and have run every day. I’ve tried to re-incorporate more core strength work too and overall it’s been a 50+ mile week! I’ve completed two speed sessions of varying distances and there have been a few highs and lows in training this week. The highs have been my legs and back firing! I’ve been running fast after recovering from the marathon which has been good but the lows have definitely been my lower legs cramping overnight which I need to work on. I’m running a 20km race next week so will need to concentrate on preparing for that. Nutrition wise I’ve been eating Whole Earth peanut butter a lot this week to recover. I’ve eaten it on sandwiches and bagels and I’ve been eating it raw with a spoon too!!

It’s been a great week of racing for me! I’ve taken part in two races, gained two PBs and two second place trophies. I’ve run about a total of 80km and I’m feeling good for it! It’s been a mixture of scenery this week too. I’ve been running on trails as part of my training for Man V Horse but I’ve also been racing on roads in the beautiful Norfolk countryside.

The highs this week have definitely been my PBs and securing a place on podiums but the low was having a random neck and shoulder injury! It’s fine now and I’m fully recovered but injuries can be frustrating.

I’ve been eating plenty of Whole Earth peanut butter and have been having it in sandwiches, cookies and muffins. My PBs suggest I’m getting fitter and stronger and next week my focus will be on speed and hill work!

This week I have covered 80km through mainly road and trail runs. I have found though that training has been a little bit hampered this week – my body is feeling quite tired and my legs are a bit achy after recent races and high mileage so I had a little bit more of an easier week to compensate! Sometimes it is wise to listen to your body. My son has also had a sickness bug and I have worked nights so sleep has been very short!! My trusty Whole Earth peanut butter sandwiches have powered these nightshifts and has helped with my training.

I have completed some good strength and conditioning training sessions this week. Later this week I will be riding 135 miles in support of my best mate who works for The Alzheimer’s Society. I’ll be riding as part of Dementia Awareness week and I’m really looking forward to the experience.

This week I have been mainly running on road and trails but I have done a lot less running this week than I have wanted to! I’ve been running less because I’ve been ill and I’ve been cycling a lot more too.

Due to being unwell at the beginning of the week I needed a day off of training which was a bit of a low point. I did however complete a 130 mile bike ride on Wednesday in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society. This was a very social afternoon of cycling round the Olympic track at Lee Valley Vellopark and I really loved it! I also completed 50 km of running this week so I’ve still been able to get outside quite a bit despite not feeling great.

This week my Whole Earth Peanut Butter sandwiches and peanut butter power balls have been fuelling my training and helping with my recovery, in particular helping with my long bike rides.

After cycling and completing some tempo work this week, my focus next week is going to be looking at getting back to some speed work combined with some longer miles.

This week I have found my training to be a lot better as my legs were feeling good again, and I had recovered from all the bugs that have plagued the last few weeks of my training.

This week’s runs have included road trails, river paths and even bomb holes in the woods!! I covered a total distance this week of 75km. It was so great to get back out to running now I am feeling better but I soon was reminded it is now peak stinging nettle season so I enjoyed a lovely post run tingle from the stings.

This week I have discovered Whole Earth’s Chocolate spread which has definitely been topped as my spread of the week! Man V Horse is getting closer so next week I am going to be focusing on racing a 5km on Monday followed by a 10Km on Wednesday.

I have had a really great week of training this week – it’s all been about fine tuning my running before Saturday’s Man v Horse event.

Alongside my training I have completed two races this week and covered 80km in total. The first race I completed was a 5km track race on Monday which I not only won but I also got a new PB of 15:52! I achieved this without pushing myself too hard and I found my legs still felt really good. This was a real high to my week, not only winning but also achieving my quickest time.

On Wednesday I took part in a multi terrain 10km race and I achieved a quick time and gained fourth place. The rest of the week’s training sessions consisted of a mixture of road and trail runs and of course they have been fuelled by my Whole Earth peanut butter sandwiches. With the last week of training here all the roads this week lead to Man V Horse on Saturday!

From arriving on the Friday evening through to going home on the Sunday lunchtime the whole experience of Man V Horse went by so quickly, yet it was a truly incredible experience.

The race itself is something I’m having difficulty describing. The hills were tougher, steeper and longer then I could have imagined. The down hills were bone shaking, thigh pounding and some were honestly terrifying! The mud, rocks and river crossings meant that throughout the 22 miles there was no let up.

I had a good start but after the first four miles my legs and lungs were screaming, and the pain continued to build. Looking around it seemed everyone was feeling exactly the same. After one hour I heard the unmistakable sound of horse’s hooves thundering by about 2inches from my left shoulder! At mile 12 I took a big fall slipping on some slate, inventing my own challenge of Man V Rock! Fortunately I was able to bounce straight up and hammer back on the trails.

Crossing the final river and turning into the finish I was overcome with emotion, I was so proud to have crossed the line. To be part of a winning team, Team Whole Earth, with two inspiring and dedicated athletes was the absolute icing on top of a once in a lifetime weekend. An hour later my dad crossed the finish line and to share that moment with my greatest hero was very special too.

As Whole Earth ambassadors each member of our team have taken part in two additional events
and we have asked them to share their experiences with us.

Congratulations on becoming a member of Team Whole Earth! How are you feeling?

I couldn’t believe it! I put in the application a few months ago and hadn’t been thinking about it when suddenly I got a call – it’s really exciting!

What made you enter to become a member of Team Whole Earth?

I have been running for about 12 years and regular run round my local running route so I wanted something a bit different. I have been running competitively for a while and just fancied a new challenge!

How are you feeling at the prospect of racing 60 horses cross country?

It’s going to be very different! I have watched clips of the event on You Tube and have been looking through the times of the previous runners and feel I’m prepared. It’s certainly going to be a challenge!

Tell us about your running background?

I started running when I left school and have always been a cross-country runner. When I was 17 I won the county championships and from there I raced in a variety of runs – from 5k cross-country to 10k road races. I now run for two local running clubs and in the last three years I have really concentrated on running longer distances. I also really enjoy cross-country mountain biking. I like all sport and like the feeling of being fit and healthy.


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