Lucie Custance

  • AGE: 35

A competitive runner and triathlete and I love Whole Earth peanut butter. It is awesome for fuelling training and recovery and I eat it almost every day – on toast, in smoothies and my favourite – in porridge.


Each week each member of Team Whole Earth updated us on their training journey
leading up to the big event, Man V Horse!

The last week has been taper week ahead of the Boston Marathon so my mileage has been less than normal. I’ve completed four runs totaling 40km and then finished off the week with 42.2km for the marathon! I have completed a few hill runs during training but have mostly focused on my taper this week. The big session for me was of course the Boston Marathon – there were a lot of early sustained downhills, followed by miles of undulations, Heartbrake hill at 21miles and then 5 miles down hill on burning quads to the finish in strong headwinds and rain. My finish time was slightly off target at 2:54 but I was happy to get under 3 hours in the conditions.


I have been using Whole Earth peanut butter in my snacks and meals this week and my favourite has to be the 3nut butter and apple slices! I’ve also put it in my porridge and crunchy peanut butter is great on a bagel as a post run snack.


Once my legs feel back to something near normal, I need to work on running downhill and getting the quad strength so it doesn’t then impact on the rest of my running. I have always been able to run uphill strongly, but sustained downhills over several miles are not something I have been used to so I’ll be working on that next week!

I ran the Boston Marathon on Monday and I travelled back to the UK on Tuesday night. My quads took a bit of a battering during the marathon so I didn’t run this week until Friday which was an 8km run. I have focused on spinning out the legs on the bike and swimming to recover so I can come back stronger in the coming weeks. The training low for me this week has been my sore quads, which have been combated by my 2XU recovery tights, and the highs have been the cross training focus as it’s kept me moving! In terms of nutrition, I have gone old school this week and been enjoying peanut butter on toast for breakfast. I have mixed it up though and cracked open the peanut butter with sunflower, pumpkin and flaxseeds which is delicious! I have also made some recovery brownies with it and a recovery smoothie which I had after my long bike ride. I have taken Lucy Wainwright’s (BTF Nutritionist) advice and spent my Sunday afternoon in the kitchen. My meals for the week are planned and a lot are cooked but I think I need a bigger flat for all the plastic containers!

This week I have been far less lethargic post-marathon and feeling back to my usual self! Planning my lunches and dinners last weekend for the week ahead and having the food and snacks available has meant I have had more time to relax post-training and can re-fuel quicker and eat healthier.

This week, I made Chicken Satay which was really delicious and perfect for re-fuelling with noodles and veg after a triple session day of swimming in the morning, running at lunch and spinning in the evening! For breakfasts I have really liked the Whole Earth peanut butter with flax seed and banana on toast as it is more filling than cereal – I have it on some crackers as an afternoon snack pre-training too!

I’ve been on five runs this week and totaled 42.5km – with a mix of shorter intervals, a tempo and a longer run of 17.5km. My new 2XU kit arrived this week so I have been using my tights post-training for recovery and also wore them for my longer run when the weather wasn’t so great.

Doing more cycling whilst my legs and body recover has meant I have kept a lot of my endurance without the impact of road running, but nothing beats getting outside and hitting the trails! Next week I need to get back on the hills and off road, so I think a field trip is in order…

It’s been a good week of training! A high for me was running strong off a 4 hour hilly bike ride (sub 6:30 min per mile) and also I completed a great track session – 5km tempo in 17 mins 8 seconds. I also had a sports massage this week which was good for ironing out the last marathon knots!

Overall I have run four times and covered 46km. It’s been a combination of runs in the park, runs on the road and runs on the track (it felt good to be back!). I’ve been eating Whole Earth 3 nut butter on toast with banana for breakfast, on a wholemeal muffin or cracker for my morning snack and I’ve made some good recovery smoothies too which include peanut butter, milk, water, banana and some recovery powder.

I’m definitely feeling more sprightly this week and it’s good to have completed a 5km to get some top-end speed check.My 90 min off-road run at an endurance pace felt really comfortable too, running in the sunshine helped! Next week I will hopefully get the chance to go out running on a work trip up to Bakewell so it will be great to have a change of scenery and terrain.

This week I’ve only managed to get 3 runs in and covered 35km. I’ve been away with work and with a three day sportive coming up I have been squeezing in a couple of extra bike sessions – hilly ones of course!! I have been on road and track this week, including an extended run home to get some miles in, a tempo session and a track session focusing on technique and glute activation. The low point to my training this week was not getting more running in and getting a face full of dust and grit in my contact lenses due to the wind, but looking on the bright side I used the wind as a bit of resistance training!!

My endurance has always been pretty good, but it is also transferring to my cycling and swimming now. My top end speed is back after Boston Marathon and I am recovering quicker after hard run sets. I have a big weekend of cycling coming up – 540km in three days, so will be getting my runs in mid-week and also getting some brick runs in after cycling to embrace the lovely jelly leg feel!

This week I have been enjoying Whole Earth peanut butter on toast for breakfast and was very happy to see my new delivery arrive as I was running low on my favourite, Three Nut butter. I took it straight into work with me to go on my afternoon crackers.

This week has been a big cycling week but I have still completed four runs and 30km. I ran in the Richmond Park relays on Wednesday – so some great off road practise with some nice hills. Plus my team won the Richmond Park relays and I personally got the course record for the fastest female time which was a real high.

Two of my runs were road runs and I also ran a few in the Glastonbury countryside to warm up pre Tour of Wessex 3 day Sportive.

The weather was amazing, the routes were beautiful and my legs were feeling strong on the hills, but I missed getting my long run in at the weekend. This was only because I was covering 335 miles on my bike over the bank holiday on the very hilly Tour of Wessex, so not all bad!! I took a jar of Whole Earth 3 nut to the sportive with me and got through a lot on toast – also amazing on a bagel for a mid-ride snack as an energy booster. I am so much stronger than I was last year at this time and am recovering quicker.

I am really keen to get a long run in next weekend which will be around 18 miles before I begin tapering for Man v Horse.

This week I have completed three runs and a total of 42km. I raced an Aquathlon on Wednesday – 1km lido swim (cold!) and a 7.5km run (definitely warmed me up) around the paths of Tooting Common. On Thursday lunchtime I completed an interval set with some guys from work, which was followed on Sunday by a 17 mile birthday run along the tow path to Richmond for lunch.

I have found my quads are feeling tired after last weekend’s cycling so I definitely need to stretch more!!

Whole Earth Peanut butter has been a staple at breakfast this week which I have enjoyed on toast with peanut butter and as a 4pm snack at work on a cracker to cover hunger till dinner time!

I have definitely noticed an improvement in my fitness levels as on my long endurance run I felt like I could have carried on for several more miles at the pace I was running – even in the rain!

Next week I am going to cram in a few more hills and also next weekend I am going to do a resistance set on the beach. I am also planning a return to track with my new birthday shoes!

This week I have completed four runs covering 48.3km in total. I have ran around Battersea park (a lot), ran to and from a spin class and then the best one was along the south coast. As my Ironman approaches, I have been adding in more long rides at the weekend and turbo/ spin sessions during the week. I have found this has really benefitted my endurance and all of the climbs I did in the Tour of Wessex a couple of weeks ago are really paying off in my strength.

Speaking to Kelly Sotherton was a definite high this week. We discussed how to deal with the pressure you put yourself under to do well. We also discussed about learning from the experiences when things don’t go exactly to plan. This week I was struggling to hit the same speeds on my running intervals that I was achieving a couple of months ago, but a bit of a taper this week should sort that out!

Whole Earth peanut butter is now part of my daily diet. I have it on toast in the mornings, as a late afternoon pick me up at work and also mixed into porridge before a long run. This week will be a bit of a taper week leading into the race so I can feel fresh on the day!

This week was a taper week (or as much as you can when you are training for an Ironman). I ran three times including the Man V Horse event and covered 50 KM.

I had an aquathalon race on Wednesday so I completed a 7.5km run on road and paths nearby. I also completed a tempo set on the common and then the Man V Horse event itself which covered just about every terrain and surface. I also completed four swim sets and two bike rides but at a lower intensity than previous weeks.

This week’s training high was a really strong run in the aquathlon – I achieved the fastest run split out of the whole field and won the women’s race. This was a real boost for the weekend, although I was definitely feeling a little heavy legged the day after!

My training volume didn’t drop too much in the lead up to Man V Horse, so the focus was still on fuelling and recovery. Whole Earth peanut butter on the usual favourites of toast or bagels and a couple of bananas were this week’s fuel. Whole Earth peanut butter smoothies were also perfect to top up the fuel reserves ready for the big race. It was a great day and I took first place in the women’s category at Man V Horse and Team Whole Earth also won the team category so that was the icing on the cake!

As Whole Earth ambassadors each member of our team have taken part in two additional events
and we have asked them to share their experiences with us.

In July I competed in Ironman UK and qualified for the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii – qualifying was a dream come true.

With less than three months to get ready, the recovery after Bolton was essential. A lot of good food (Whole Earth peanut butter of course!), sleep and downtime were needed. However I needed to keep my training up and knew another half Ironman was needed ahead of Hawaii, so chose Monster Middle distance in Ely in August.

Hills are not one of my strengths, so the Ely course was a welcomed relief after months of hill training for Ironman UK and the Man v Horse. Thankfully the run had a few hills to wake up the legs – nothing compared to Man v Horse though! A friend was also racing in Ely, so I travelled up with her the day before the race. A large spoonful of Whole Earth peanut butter with flaxseeds in a bagel and a pot of 3 Nut for my morning porridge kept me fuelled for the journey up.

After a week of rain, the weather was perfect for race day. The 1.9km swim went well although I did swallow a lot of water after a bit of a choppy start! I came out of the water, as usual on the chase on the bike. The course was flat and quite open, which was good for spotting those ahead of me. I had a strong bike race and was in a good position for the run. The supporters were great and I was the second female to finish behind pro Lucy Gossage. The best part of the day was standing on the podium with two pros – I think the picture shows I didn’t quite believe it! Overall, a great confidence boost for Kona.

Congratulations on becoming a member of Team Whole Earth! How are you feeling?

I am so excited!! When I saw the email come through I couldn’t believe it. It was a bit of a shock to be chosen but I’m really excited about the challenge.

What made you enter to become a Whole Earth sponsored athlete?

It’s a different kind of race to anything I have ever done before! I love endurance events. I have taken part in two Iron Mans, a lot of marathons and some cross-country runs and this just looked like something completely different to try. I love peanut butter too! I have it on my desk at work and am constantly eating it so it seemed like a perfect fit. I also know someone else who has run in Man V Horse and they really loved it which was another reason why I decided to send my application in.

How are you feeling at the prospect of racing 60 horses cross country?

I am feeling excited! I obviously don’t want to get too close to too many horses…I have got a marathon coming up in a few weeks and I am already doing that kind of distance in training so I feel prepared. I have an Iron Man in July too so the Man V Horse event will fit in perfectly around my other sporting activities this year.


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