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Whether that PB is knocking a couple of seconds off 50m or taking a minute off your 10k time, we believe Whole Earth, nature’s wonder­fuel, can get you there! We have been working with Britain’s elite triathletes to provide you with training secrets, motivational hints and top tips that you won’t be able to get anywhere else.

Whole Earth Nutrition Workshop with British Triathlon

Training, Motivation & Rewarding Yourself

British triathletes Tom Bishop, Sophie Coldwell and para-triathlete Faye McClelland tell us how to power through those tough training sessions, how they stay motivated and ultimately the importance of rewarding themselves for every achievement, however big or small. Whole Earth peanut butter is a clear favourite!

Eating For Health, Performance & Recovery

Olympic Performance nutritionist Dr Kevin Currell talks about the importance of fuelling yourself properly before, during and after exercise, and how protein and good fats are important for your body – here he uses Whole Earth peanut butter as a great example.


Tom Bishop on breaking psychological barriers

British Triathlete Tom Bishop discusses the highs and lows of training and how it's vital to break goals down in order to maintain a healthy psyche. He explains how looking for positives in even the toughest training sessions as well as remembering to reward yourself are the best way to improve both physically and mentally.

Motivation & Training insights from Sophie Coldwell

British Triathlete Sophie Coldwell explains how to utilise the peaks and troughs experienced in sport in order to find motivation for training. Hard work certainly pays off, but it's also important to reward yourself in order to maintain a strong and optimistic outlook. Her reward of choice? A lovely dollop of Whole Earth peanut butter.

Rio, Motivation & Rewards from Paralympian Faye McClelland

Amidst the excitement for the possibility of Rio and the chance to take part in the first ever Para-triathlon, Paralympic hopeful Faye McClelland discusses the importance of psychology and physiology for performance, as well as the value of rewarding yourself – namely in the form of peanut butter bagels!

Full of wholesome, natural
goodness - and no nonsense

Whole Earth peanut butter is daily health food for active lives. Spread it thick and set yourself up for whatever your day has in store

High in fibre

A tasty and effective way of increasing your fibre intake, any way you spread it.

Source of protein

Natural source of protein to fuel your training

All natural

There’s nothing in our jars but wholesome, delicious, honest goodness.

Quick and tasty

Easy energy-rich snacks in no time.

Helps Recovery

A source of protein which helps maintain and grow muscle mass.

Whole Earth's Reward Squad


Whole Earth will hit the parks and streets of London, rewarding those who have braved the temperamental british weather to work out. The 'Reward Squad' will be cheering on local runners, motivating them to keep going and at a 'Finish line' will reward them with an Olympic-style ceremony, complete with podium finish and a unique WE medal.

Gordon Benson's top ten triathlon training tips

Gordon Benson's Top Ten Triathlon Training Tips

Gordon Benson was voted the British Triathlon Male Elite Junior Triathlete of the year 2011 and 2012 and holds aspirations for future Olympic and World championship Gold Medals.

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Gordon Benson

Tips for your first triathlon

If you are thinking about taking part in a triathlon event, take a look at what the professionals recommend you do to get yourself race ready and make sure you enjoy it.

Insider Training Tips

Listen to what the Great British Triathlon team have to say about how they plan their training and what training secrets could work for you!

Top Nutritional Tips

Great Britain Team triathletes Vicky Holland, Lucy Hall and Tom Bishop share their top nutritional advice – from what to eat for breakfast to post training tips.

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