Packed with goodness, Whole Earth Peanut Butter is pure positive energy in a jar. Brimming with protein and fibre, we only use the best natural ingredients, so your body gets the most out of it. With no added sugar, it’s the healthiest, tastiest way to power you through a wonder-fuel day.

Absolutely no added sugar

Full of wholesome, natural
goodness - and no nonsense

Whole Earth peanut butter is daily health food for active lives. Spread it thick
and set yourself up for whatever your day has in store

High in fibre

A tasty and effective way of increasing your fibre intake, any way you spread it.

Source of protein

Natural source of protein to fuel your training

All natural

There’s nothing in our jars but wholesome, delicious, honest goodness.

Quick and tasty

Easy energy-rich snacks in no time.

Helps Recovery

A source of protein which helps maintain and grow muscle mass.


Tips for your first triathlon

We have been working with the British Triathlon federation to provide you with unique insight into the preparation of all kinds of endurance events. Watch our video to get a glimpse of what top athletes do to keep themselves fighting fit.

Gordon Benson’s Top Ten Triathlon Training Tips

Gordon Benson was voted the British Triathlon Male Elite Junior Triathlete of the Year 2011 and 2012 and holds aspirations for future Olympic and World Championship Gold Medals. Here, Gordon, who lists the Brownlee brothers as training buddies, shares his top ten tips for improving triathlon performance.


Our Events

Man vs Horse

Man V Horse

Man V Horse is an event that has legendary status amongst nutty endurance runners. For information on how to enter man v horse 2017 keep checking here.
Meet team Whole Earth

After a tireless nationwide search, we found the perfect trio to run this year’s Whole Earth Man v Horse cross-country marathon together. Meet these three firm friends who tackled one of the nuttiest endurance races known to man (and beast)... the legendary Whole Earth Man V Horse 2016, fuelled by the pure positive energy of our peanut butters.

TRI Liverpool

British Triathlon
Championships Liverpool 2015

Celebrities, local MPs and a host of first timers joined the world's best triathletes to race across the city's spectacular waterfront. Check out the raceday highlights in our gallery.
Official Supplier of British Triathlon
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